Most of us would agree that health is important. Some take that to extremes – the word hypochondriac was invented to cover members of that group. The other extreme is to do nothing – and some say that the most common last words are “It’s only a bit of heartburn, don’t worry”.

The optimum place is in between these extremes, where real issues are identified and dealt with before they cause any major issues. that’s the secret to a long and happy life.

Your business is actually the same. It needs enough TLC to ensure it’s continued survival, yet not too much that the other day to day operations start to suffer.

The reason this business was started was the reason this business was started, and that should remain the main focus of activity. Focus on selling books, dolls, cars, or widgets, or providing a service that your market needs. But also consider what it takes to work ‘on’ your business, not just ‘in’ it.

Has your market evolved since you last looked? Are they buying from you only because there isn’t a better alternative? Do they believe what you say? And implement your advice?

All current customers will leave one day. Their circumstances change, and on that day they stop buying form you. You may not notice, but your new customer may have a slightly different requirement, and the longer you wait to find out the more your business is in danger of failing.

When you are ill you consult with the appropriate specialist – you may seek advice from a general practitioner, a chiropractor, remedial massage specialist and so on. Likewise you need to consult with the appropriate specialist for your business. Do you have a problem with your sales and marketing, capability, advice, financial control or any other category? The first step is to find out which, if any, are holding you back.

When you are ill you can feel the changed circumstances, but you can’t ‘feel’ your business. You have to capture and look at the right metrics to know if your business needs a little life support. The first step is similar to the triage that you might have heard about in the medical arena – step one is to find out if there is something wrong, and that’s what the BPI assessment does. In 30 minutes you will know what is going on inside your business – whether you don’t bother with metrics, or you capture lots. It’s beneficial because it confirms what is happening and you can use it to fine tune which metrics you capture and review.

Visit now and triage your business in less than 30 minutes.