A Brand Perception Indicator assessment offers you a greater understanding of your client’s business so you can exceed their expectations of what a coach can do

Good consultants know that they need to really understand their client’s business and understand it fast. They also know that they can’t solve their client’s problems until they know what is really going on behind the scenes.

  • Discover a cost-effective way to identify exactly what is going on inside your client’s business

  • Zero-in on the potential issues from the start, and start solving them quickly and easily

  • Create an exceptional reputation for your own business

  • Deliver a more valuable service than the competition and improve your own cash flow

Play the video to discover how to increase your current business income stream – and add another

Are you frustrated with not getting the full story from your clients? Are your clients burying their heads in the sand, making your job more difficult?

The Brand Perception Indicator online business tool has the solution

You know, as a business professional, that your advice can only be as accurate as the information given to you by your client. We’ve all had clients who, for whatever reason, may not be telling us everything.

Maybe they’re embarrassed about a particular issue or maybe they genuinely aren’t aware that something is wrong. For you to be really effective as an advisor you need to know what’s really going on, and a Brand Perception Indicator assessment will quickly and easily tell you what your clients can’t (or won’t). Being able to show a client that the value of their business is not just what is in their financials is empowering and vital to their success. You and your clients need to know what lies beneath the sand (good or bad) so your have the opportunity to fix it… together.

Is this you?

  • A Business Coach/Consultant or Management Accountant who needs to know the full story of what works and what doesn’t in your client’s business;
  • A Business Broker who needs to know the strengths and weaknesses of a business (not just financial) to achieve the best price for your client (buying and selling);
  • A Marketing Consultant who needs to know what the business is capable of delivering to backup the promises you will make in their campaign;
  • A Lender who needs to know how secure this business really is (not just about the money);
  • A Branding Specialist who really needs to know what the market currently thinks about your client’s business so you can put an effective plan in place.

The Brand Perception Indicator assessment identifies what works and what doesn’t in a business. The report generated is split into ten categories with additional information that enables you to give in-depth, accurate and importantly, independent advice to your client.

Our Brand Perception Indicator (BPI) Assessment Tool was originally developed as a paper based questionnaire in 1995 by a Forensic Accountant (forensic business investigator) and since then it has helped over 6,000 businesses, from large corporations to sole traders, by identifying what the market thinks of the business in 10 important areas of concern. Because it works on a subconscious level your client can’t hide anything and both you and they will uncover things they currently don’t know or can’t see…

So when your client uses our assessment and answers simple “Yes, No, Maybe” questions the Brand Perception Indicator will figure out the rest.

The result of this is…

That you will now know the real story of what is happening in your client’s business and what the real problems are. You can then provide advice that can actually solve the problem, versus giving advice based on only part of the story that makes you hamstrung before you start. As a Partner you also get an in-depth version of the client report and training and ongoing support on how to interpret the results. This enables you to give even more meaningful advice and reviewing the client’s progress every three months allows you to monitor changes in a tangible way.

Looking for a Win/Win solution for you and your clients?

Offering the Brand Perception Indicator assessment to your clients as part of your consulting services has two main benefits. Firstly: your advice becomes more valuable to your clients and secondly: you are able to easily increase your income just by doing what you do best – helping your clients grow their business. Brand Perception Indicator pays either 50% (for Partners) or 25% (for Associates) depending upon which reseller position you apply for. If you are successful in becoming a Partner you can also build a team of Associates and be paid 25% on their direct sales as well.

As a BPI Reseller you can optionally choose to operate as a “White Label” assessment, meaning that your clients never see anything other than your site. There is only a small, one-off fee to establish the white label on your site.

Additionally you may choose to pay a reduced amount per assessment if you commit to an agreed number of sales per month. Ask us for more information if this sounds like a good idea to you.

“My name is Sonya Hill and I have been a self-employed Acupuncturist for 14 years. My business is Helensvale Health and Healing and I am based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I approached BPI about doing an assessment because I wanted to confirm that the problems I perceived I had in my business were actual problems. I chose BPI because I had been told that it would give me business insights that I may not get from other assessment companies.

I would highly recommend BPI to businesses of all sizes that need some independent and fresh perspectives on how their business is actually progressing and they want to improve their position in the market place.”


Sonya Hill

Doctor of Acupuncture, Helensvale Health and Healing - Qld, Australia

“At last! An accurate brand thermometer”.

“Entrepreneurs, organizations, SMEs, going concerns: You know that you’re poised to grow exponentially, it’s just that something’s holding you back, something you just can’t put your finger on. You could hire a market research firm and do surveys and focus groups, but that’d take time and resources that you simply can’t allocate yet.

Enter the Brand Perception Indicator Report.

With a small investment of time and money (and a slightly larger investment of self-honesty), you will receive insights into your branding that would otherwise take months and a significant capital investment to even begin to comprehend. And you will understand precisely where to apply your attention and focus on your enterprise — and where not to — so that it’s firing on all jets.


JP Parker

Founder, Infinite Solutions Institute - Bali, Indonesia

“Very impressed. Where it is invaluable is in demonstrating to clients that there are areas of improvement in their company. Very often, although they have a gut-feel that something is not quite right, they are too close to the problem or too personally involved to recognize issues. Having an impartial report that is formed from their input and that they can read and argue over will at the very least initiate a process where they are more likely to agree that something needs to be done and work with you in doing it rather than bury their heads in the sand.

Where the BPI assessment differs is that it uses the client’s own information, without prompting from a consultant. The output is a report that the client is at liberty to put in a drawer and forget about or to use as a basis for further action. The information in the report is new to the client and identifies areas within the business that need attention. It is at once authoritative and gives the client the option to proceed or not without harassment from a consultant.


Iain Robertson

CEO, IR Consulting - South Africa

Create More Income and Consulting Work For Your Business Using The Brand Perception Indicator Assessment Tool

Our system is designed so that both types of resellers generate more consulting, more often and you’ll be given all the details on that if your application is successful.

You keep all of the income from that extra consulting. That’s how Brand Perception Indicator helps you build extra income streams and solidifies your existing income stream.


  • What would it mean to your income if you were to become known as the adviser who gets the best results for their clients?
  • What if you generated additional consulting opportunities, and identified exactly what needed to be fixed every time?
  • What percentage of that would you pay to establish that situation?
  • What if you bought assessments at either 25% or 50% discount that you could then sell for the full price to your clients?

You would immediately have assets that were worth more than you paid. That would mean you have virtually zero risk if you sign up

When your application is accepted you will have access to training and marketing resources to assist you to maximize your return in the shortest possible time, though of course it will depend on the effort you apply.

The Brand Perception Indicator assessment currently sells for US$520, and our resellers receive either 25% or 50% of that. You know how many clients you have that would benefit, so you can calculate your return.

You might be wondering when you get paid

Some organizations pay on the 20th of the month following when your invoice is received. Some make you wait till the end of the month, and some only pay once the amount owing exceeds a minimum amount that they unilaterally apply. If you use our payment platform we pay immediately someone buys an assessment from you. It’s almost like the money never even gets into our account it’s that fast! If you sell one today you’ll be given your commission for that one today. No matter how many you sell you will be paid immediately your client pays.

You can buy assessments in advance and then include them in your existing payment process outside of BPI, or you can direct your clients to the Brand Perception Indicator website and we’ll process the payment for you and immediately deposit your share into your account.

What are the different types of Resellers?

Associates have a minimum requirement to purchase an initial two assessments and for Partners the minimum is ten. This means an immediate profit to you of US$260 or US$2600 depending upon the position you take.

We’re ready to help you add an additional income stream and maximize your existing income streams. All you have to do is apply. If your application is successful you will be asked to purchase at least the minimum commitment.

You now know you can increase your income based on how effectively you merge BPI Report into your current business, and you also know that you immediately take ownership of assets in excess of your buy-in price.

I’m interested, what do I do now?

Click the button below which will take you to the next page and fill out the form where you can choose to apply to be an Associate or Partner!!

By becoming a BPI Reseller the additional income you get will make your current income streams more profitable whilst describing your client’s brand more accurately. You will, of course, receive training and be given access to marketing resources to make your investment as profitable as possible, with the added bonus that your investment is immediately covered by assessments that are worth more than they cost you. You also know that your business can’t improve until you take different actions, and the first action you need to take is to click the button and apply to become one of the Brand Perception Indicator team. Your business can’t do any better until you do.