Iain G MacKenzie

Brand Perception Indicator Authority and Founder

Iain is the Founder of the Brand Perception Indicator (BPI) Report and a #1 ranked business author. As a business consultant with 30 years’ experience working with all sizes of companies from corporates to SME’s and Not-For-Profits (both nationally and internationally) he decided the time was right to bring an assessment that had helped thousands of businesses in the 90’s into the 21st Century. It was important to him that BPI looked “under the surface” of a business rather than just have questions that told clients what they already knew.

He is passionate about helping business people achieve their goals regardless of the economic climate and he draws on his experience in a wide range of industries to work with his clients to create growth strategies that align behavior with business needs and desired outcomes. He achieves this by combining his passion for communication and customer behavior with a focus on people and processes that support lasting change. His work combines psychology, perception management and many years working with metrics and software development to find workable solutions that support businesses in building wealth. Clients have included IBM Global Services Australia, the Royal Australian Navy and National Westminster Bank in London.

As a Coach Iain will lead you through the results of one of the most fascinating and insightful business assessments on the market and be an independent observer to help you see your business through the eyes of your customers and staff.

He is married to Lesley and they have four children. His hobbies include reading, travel and finding better ways to do things!

Lesley M MacKenzie

BPI Director/Business Development Manager

Lesley immigrated to Australia from the UK in 1980 and has worked in a wide variety of industries in sales, customer service and management roles. She is particularly proud of her achievements as a JP in NSW and being a finalist in the 2005 International Women’s Day “Gold Coast Leadership Awards”.

Lesley worked in recruitment for over the 15 years so she understands the benefits of using psychometric testing in business. Because she has an excellent understanding of how assessments work she was excited to assist in changing a 20+ years paper based questionnaire into an online business tool. “The Brand Perception Indicator assessment is smart, intuitive and revealing which makes it even more interesting to me, as I know we can help businesses be their own Undercover Boss“.

Learning the intricacies of how the Brand Perception Indicator Report works and teaching clients how to get the best out of the results is also something that motivates her. She knows from personal experience that being in business can be challenging and getting unbiased help in an easy to understand format can make the difference between thriving and closing the doors.

Ikram Rana

BPI Director – IT & Operations Management

Ikram started his first business at 23 and believes working smarter pays off better than just working harder. His vision of business revolves around trust and long term relationships between all stakeholders. He is a serial entrepreneur who loves to travel and see the world. He currently has a variety of business interests that have him traveling throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Ikram is very much a family oriented person, he believes ‘family always comes first’. He is the eldest of five siblings and takes his father as his inspiration. Ikram has two degrees – Law and Operations Management which has greatly helped him in running business operations in different regions of the world with different laws.

He has a passion for Business Process Automation and loves to re-engineer business processes by creating IT oriented systems to improve business efficiency, which is why he was immediately attracted to the benefits that an online Brand Perception Indicator Assessment could generate for all sizes of business.

After meeting Iain MacKenzie and seeing his passion for the project he asked himself “What if a 20-year-old offline story that has already helped thousands of businesses from corporates to small businesses could be developed into an online business tool, to help thousands of businesses worldwide?” Convinced of the project’s merits Ikram became a Director of Brand Perception Indicator and a leading part of the development team that has made “bpireport.com” an online reality. He now leads the IT and Operational Management Team.

Darren Bartsch

BPI Director

Darren originates from country South Australia where he grew up on a fruit farm. If you met him, you would see from his height that he is well suited to sports like AFL & basketball. When he was younger he represented South Australia in Junior Basketball before switching over to AFL where he played for the reserves side with Essendon and was also part of the inaugural Adelaide Crows squad in 1991.

At 21 he started his first business and from there he moved to Darwin where he had a successful landscaping business. He has lived in Queensland with his two boys since 2004.

Prior to joining the team at BPI Report he ran a successful website development company that specialized in customizing CRM and Marketing Systems. When Darren met Iain MacKenzie he was fascinated by the insights that the offline Brand Perception Indicator assessment showed about his own business. So much so that he and his partner wanted to be the development team to bring this 20+ year system and story into the digital world.

Like Iain, he could see the benefits of an assessment which shows any business owner or manager, whether the company is large or small, the gaps in their business and then offer solutions to take those businesses to new levels. Darren is excited for you and your business and how the Brand Perception Indicator Report can make a difference not only to your business but your family in ways you may never have seen on your own.