The Brand Perception Indicator Report Story

The Brand Perception Indicator Report (BPI for short) was developed by a Forensic Business Investigator in 1995. Since then it has been used by over 6000 businesses both large and small

The initial BPI assessment questions were rephrased by a Perception Specialist to give us the questions that exist today. Doing this meant that the questions were written in everyday language and the results were even more accurate and insightful.

This new online version gives a competitive edge to the business people who take advantage of the information in their report. Our purpose at Brand Perception Indicator is to make a tangible difference in the lives of those business people who need to know what is really happening inside their organisation; no matter what size.

It has been designed to also allows advisors like Business Coaches offer more accurate insights into their client’s business, so they can then provide the best advice possible.

The thing about this smart and intuitive assessment is that if you suspect your business is in trouble or you think you may need help then BPI will tell you where the problems lie and suggest ways to change and/or improve things. If you think your business doesn’t have any problems – it will show you opportunities you may not be aware of, which is important when your competitors want to see you fail. If you have multiple locations you can use your BPI Report to create a benchmark at Head Office and then assess all your branches or offices. You then compare their results with your benchmark and identify what is happening inside each location so you can take the appropriate action(s).

We think the Brand Perception Indicator Report is a bit like Undercover Boss, only better…

Interest in the BPI Report has been amazing. We were told by a business owner in the UK that it’s “empowering” and another in Australia asked if we are “psychic”! One BPI Report picked up that the owner had mentally “shut the door” on the business and walked away. We were not aware of this before the client took the assessment. We know this tried and tested assessment works on levels that are unlike other assessment that we are aware of. We know that the unbiased information contained in the report is incredibly valuable to those business owners who want to see their brand from the customer’s side of the fence with the added benefit of offering ways that business can be improved. This assessment also works not only for a normal business but also a Not-For-Profit organization. However, it does not work in a government department as government does not compete on price.