A Good Business Assessment Highlights Obvious and Hidden Problems and Delivers Both Opportunity and Solutions

The use of business assessments has grown considerably because companies of all sizes and types recognize that they need to ensure their business has what it needs to deliver on their promises and be sustainable

A business assessment is not just about finding obvious and hidden problems in your business; it also helps you grow in a way that is smart and strategic by providing a solid foundation for making sound business decisions.

And, most importantly, the real power of a business assessment is the process itself. It’s the time when you step back from the day-to-day grind, to objectively evaluate what your business needs, to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

What that means is that you can identify what reputation your business has in the marketplace and then improve it where you need to. Some don’t think that’s very important – consider the changes to the value of Boeing and Lockheed Martin when politicians recently commented on those companies.

What Makes the Brand Perception Indicator Business Tool Different?

The advice you get needs to be based on fact, and it needs to be delivered in language that you the business owner or manager can understand. It also has to identify what is working inside the business (what is of value to your market) and what is not. It must provide advice that is “without fear or favor” or it’s not worth having.

Your Brand Perception Indicator Assessment is specifically designed to cover the major points of concern in business; and it does so in a way that makes it impossible to mislead. Our aim is to help you understand exactly what the results mean to you and the future of your business/brand.

  • it delivers accurate results in an easy to understand report that are based on facts supplied by the respondent;
  • it is automated so it will provide all the necessary information in language anyone can understand;
  • the 100 questions don’t take long to answer and;
  • is outstanding value considering the resulting insights gained.

The Brand Perception Indicator Report is divided into 10 Categories:

  1. Current Overall Success: Is this business considered to be successful? Do your processes and procedures instill confidence in your market?
  2. Economic Status: Is this business economically viable and does your market share that view?
  3. Industry Knowledge: Do you know what you are talking about and is your advice well received?
  4. Value for Money: Does this business deliver only what it absolutely has to or does it provide a little extra value? What value does the market think it receives?
  5. Information Security: Do your work practices instill confidence in your customers? Is their information secure?
  6. Appeal: Is there a solid market for what this business sells? Goods and services of all types come into and fall out of fashion every day.
  7. Communication: How well do you get your message across to your market?
  8. Innovation How well do you keep up with new developments in your industry? And in customer care?
  9. Customer Facing Staff: Do the people that interact with your customers encourage sales or are customers buying from you in spite of the way they are treated?
  10. Stability: Is this business likely to be here tomorrow – and the day after that?

Putting it all together gives you a report that is similar to the example you can read by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

Now take a look at what others have said:

My name is Teresa Stott and I am an Associate with Life Vantage which is a major nutrigenomics company. My business is based in Texas, United States of America.

The process of taking the Brand Perception Indicator assessment was simple and straightforward. The questionnaire is online and consists of 100 questions with multiple choice answers. A comprehensive report is generated almost instantly that is available in PDF format. The report is easy to understand and there is no “jargon” so no confusion arises from the results.

The assessment was incredibly accurate, like WOW accurate. It highlighted the gaps that I was aware of and gave great guidance. We were already in the process of implementing many of the solutions suggested by the report and it was fantastic validation that we are on the right track, our mission and innovative focus is shining through and our teams are coming into alignment and adapting to the transformations taking place.

The outcome of using a Brand Perception Indicator assessment was that it gave me clarity around current gaps and validation that our current strategic initiatives are “on the money!

This is an incredibly valuable tool to effect positive and efficient transformation in your business. The process is easy to leverage and the results are delivered in a powerful way that facilitates an efficacious implementation.”

Teresa Stott

Executive/Consultant, Simplicity Consulting

At last! An accurate brand thermometer.

Entrepreneurs, organizations, SMEs, going concerns: You know that you’re poised to grow exponentially, it’s just that something’s holding you back, something you just can’t put your finger on. You could hire a market research firm and do surveys and focus groups, but that’d take time and resources that you simply can’t allocate yet.

And yes, you’ve already heard, ad nauseam, that you’ve gotta work ON your business rather that in it. Okay, fine; but how? Especially at today’s pace.

Enter the Brand Perception Indicator Assessment and Report.

With a small investment of time and money (and a slightly larger investment of self-honesty), you will receive insights into your branding that would otherwise take months and a significant capital investment to even begin to comprehend. And you will understand precisely where to apply your attention and focus on your enterprise — and where not to — so that it’s firing on all jets.

In a click-away world where price competition creates a rapid, commodifying race to the bottom, differentiation now takes place through one predominant vector: the quality of the client experience, and the resulting perception they have of your brand.

Seth Godin puts it succinctly: “In a world of zero marginal cost, being trusted is the single most urgent way to build a business.” What’s most brilliant about the BPI assessment, and the methodology that underpins it, is that the magic will happen no matter what. As long as you answer sincerely and clearly, in the feedback session you will gain the exact insights required to build trust and bring ongoing satisfaction to the entire spectrum of people you serve: whether they’re your clients, customers, guests, patients, constituents, members, students, beneficiaries, stakeholders or partners. Invaluable.

JP Parker

Founder, Consultant, Infinite Solutions Institute - Bali, Indonesia

My name is Lahnie Ward and I have been self-employed for approximately seven years. Our business is Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters and we are based in SE Queensland.

The BPI Report helped me by identifying areas where we can improve e.g. promoting our products and the result of taking the assessment is that we have prepared a marketing strategy and engaged professionals to assist us.

One thing I liked was the way the BPI Report was explained in terms that were easy for me to understand. I also appreciated the time that I was given to go through the results as I had many questions and was treated with much patience. I found the experience easy, enjoyable and very helpful.

I would recommend the BPI Report to all businesses big or small. BPI helped identify gaps that were in our business and I believe this will help us to become more successful as we grow.


Lahnie and Nathan Ward

Owner/Managers, Pomeroy's Coffee Roasters

Maybe you’re cautious and want to know more before taking the next step?

Well straight away there is no risk for you – we guarantee that if you follow our advice and implement the suggested solutions in your report your business will improve. If you do and it doesn’t; then we’ll give you your money back.

You already know the benefits that you are likely to gain, and the assessment is less than the price of a cup of coffee a day – it’s only US$28.50.  Isn’t your business worth this amount? This is a tiny price for understanding what you do well, what needs to be improved in your business, and how to improve the areas that are holding you back the most!

If you can already see how an assessment would help your business then follow the link below to complete your assessment and discover the secrets hidden in 10 major points of concern in any business.

You already know your business cannot improve unless or until you take action

You have to identify and fix the relative weaknesses in your business before your competitors find and exploit them. Begin this process by taking a Brand Perception Indicator assessment for the cost of an average sized advert and you can be on your way to creating a better business is less than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, contact us so we can answer them for you.  No question is too small or large, we are here to help you and your business.

Click on the link below and let’s get you started right now so you can uncover today the hidden insights into your business/brand.