Start improving your business within the next few minutes!

In 30 minutes you will know how your business is performing in each of ten categories and which areas are holding you back the most.

  • You receive an email report (or download it immediately) that tells you how your business is performing compared to its maximum potential
  • You will find out which areas of your business are doing well and which are most in need of improvement. You also get some suggestions on where to make those improvements

You may be cautious, and want to know more about it before taking the next step.

Let me start by asking you a question: How many coffees do you buy each day? Most people buy one on the way to work, maybe another mid-morning, definitely one with lunch, and another to get us through the afternoon. And another if we happen to work late. Nearly everyone buys one or two each day. How much is that in a year? Maybe you’re surprised at how much you spend on coffee? Well if you spend that much on coffee, how much is worth investing in your own business?

Now consider this –  there is no real risk for you – we guarantee that if you follow our advice and implement the suggested solutions in your BPI Report that your business will improve and if you do and it doesn’t, then we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

The results you generate from knowing what’s in the BPI Report will be many times the initial investment, which is only the price of two or three cups of coffee a week, less than one cup of coffee per day, or US$520. That’s also a one-off fee, and the benefits repeat every year. That represents excellent value for money!

If you can already see the benefits to you, then follow the link below to complete your assessment and discover the secrets that are hiding inside your business.

Here Are Some Testimonials From Happy Clients

“My name is Sonya Hill and I have been a self-employed Acupuncturist for 14 years. My business is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I approached BPI about doing an assessment because I wanted to confirm that the problems I perceived I had in my business were actual problems. I chose BPI because I had been told that it would give me business insights that I may not get from other assessment companies.

The online assessment itself was easy to understand and complete and I was very impressed that the report was available instantly as I could take immediate action to make any necessary changes.

The report highlighted areas in my business that I needed to work on and so far the changes I have made have been positive with great feedback from clients. The report was also thought provoking, very professional and I felt comfortable about the whole process.

I found the feedback I received from the BPI consultant was very helpful and he gave me an action plan that I could follow.

I would highly recommend BPI to businesses of all sizes when they need some independent and fresh perspectives on how their business is actually progressing and they want to improve their brand position in the market place.

I am looking forward my next consultation with my BPI coach as I find the advice tremendously useful.”

Sonya Hill

Dr of Acupuncture, Helensvale Health and Healing - Queensland, Australia

“My name is Lahnie Ward and I have been self-employed for approximately seven years. I work with my husband Nathan and our business is Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters and we are based in SE Queensland.

The BPI Report helped me by identifying areas where we can improve e.g. promoting our products and the result of taking the assessment is that we have prepared a marketing strategy and engaged professionals to assist us.

One thing I liked was the way the BPI Report was explained in terms that were easy for me to understand. I also appreciated the time that I was given to go through the results as I had many questions and was treated with much patience. I found the experience easy, enjoyable and very helpful.

I would recommend the BPI Report to all businesses big or small. BPI helped identify gaps that were in our business and I believe this will help us to become more successful as we grow.”

Lahnie and Nathan Ward

Owner/Managers, Pomeroy's Coffee Roasters

“At last! An accurate brand thermometer.

Entrepreneurs, organizations, SMEs, going concerns: You know that you’re poised to grow exponentially, it’s just that something’s holding you back, something you just can’t put your finger on. You could hire a market research firm and do surveys and focus groups, but that’d take time and resources that you simply can’t allocate yet.

And yes, you’ve already heard, ad nauseam, that you’ve gotta work ON your business rather that in it. Okay, fine; but how? Especially at today’s pace.

Enter the BPI Report.

With a small investment of time and money (and a slightly larger investment of self-honesty), you will receive insights into your branding that would otherwise take months and a significant capital investment to even begin to comprehend. And you will understand precisely where to apply your attention and focus on your enterprise — and where not to — so that it’s firing on all jets.

In a click-away world where price competition creates a rapid, commodifying race to the bottom, differentiation now takes place through one predominant vector: the quality of the client experience, and the resulting perception they have of your brand.

Seth Godin puts it succinctly: “In a world of zero marginal cost, being trusted is the single most urgent way to build a business.” What’s most brilliant about the BPI survey, and the methodology that underpins it, is that the magic will happen no matter what. As long as you answer sincerely and clearly, in the feedback session you will gain the exact insights required to build trust and bring ongoing satisfaction to the entire spectrum of people you serve: whether they’re your clients, customers, guests, patients, constituents, members, students, beneficiaries, funders or partners. Invaluable.”

JP Parker

Founder, Consultant, Infinite Solutions Institute - Bali, Indonesia