The real reason businesses fail.

Should you be in business for yourself? There are things every business owner, and those that aspire to business ownership, need to know. Not knowing will prevent the success you think you can have.

Why do people seek your advice?

Why does your market seek out your advice? Most likely that’s because you are an expert in something they need to know, something outside their experience, and now they have a problem that they need to have solved. There are actually two groups who should be talking to you.

Why you need one more customer

Many times I’ve heard people who own businesses say “I have enough business, I don’t want any more customers”. That just means they don’t realize something about those they already have.

Why most advisers aren’t listening to you

I know a lot of people who advise others, and I see the adverts of the well-known advisers and they all seem to have one thing in common. None of them are listening to you. They don’t seem to care what you’ve already tried, what you’re good at, or what your local conditions are.

Is your advice valued by your market?

Every business gives advice to their market. Consulting businesses provide only advice, and every other business includes advice, even if that’s only which product best suits the current prospect. What can be done to improve how well your advice is accepted and implemented by your market?

Can you predict the future success of your business?

Many in business are looking for a way to forecast results. To do this they track their financials and activities such as “Number of Sales calls” – but is there more that can be done? There are specific actions that relate to specific areas of your business so that for example you control your perceived value for money by your actions not by the price you set.