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Every business owner or manager needs to know what the market really thinks about what they are doing so they can generate the best possible results from their business.

  • Find out how your business rates in each of ten categories, and
  • Discover which are holding you back the most

If You Don’t Do Something Different Your Business Cannot Improve

Benefit from knowing what hidden opportunities and challenges you may have by investing in a Brand Perception Indicator business assessment now

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Would You Like Some Clear Direction In Your Business?

Brand Perception Indicator (BPI) is the Ultimate Business Assessment Tool as it addresses four fundamental questions:

  • What does the market really think of your business?
  • How does that compare with what you think is happening?
  • What are your staff really saying to your customers (and what do your customers say about you)?
  • Do you know how to use your reputation as a business tool?

The BPI Report is not just another “marketing survey” on branding. It is more like an internal audit that gives unique, tangible evidence to support the “intangible” assets of a business – the “drivers” that manage attraction and retention of the customer or client. And that means you have the knowledge to be able to improve the reputation of your business.

Many companies have questionnaires that ask direct questions like “How often do you follow up sales leads?” and give you “Always, Mostly, Sometimes, Never” as possible responses. These answers cannot discover anything that you – as the owner or manager – don’t already know. And what’s the point in being told stuff you already know? You have probably also guessed that unless you tick ‘Always’ someone will try to sell you some one-size-fits-all ‘consulting’ to improve that response.

Six Great Reasons to Try Brand Perception Indicator…

It will:

  • create clarity by identifying the parts of your business that aren’t working well,
  • highlight areas of your business that you are spending too much (or too little) time on,
  • show you if everyone involved in your business is “on the same page” as you,
  • find the performance gaps in your organization and allow you to plan; and
  • give you insights into how your brand compares in your industry and provide a foundation for smart business decisions.
  • it costs less than a couple of cups of coffee a week

The focus of a Brand Perception Indicator Report is all about people’s responses to: Your Customers – Your Employees – Your Managers – Your Organization/Shareholders and the unique factors which differentiate your business from your competitors.

What is the Brand Perception Indicator Report?

The Brand Perception Indicator Report is a smart and intuitive piece of software that was originally developed by a Forensic Business Investigator as a paper based questionnaire in 1995. These specialist accountants know everything there is to know about businesses and how they operate (or should operate!) and over 6000 businesses have benefited from using the offline assessment tool since 1995. You now have the opportunity to use the online version to gain some amazing insights into your business.

Your Brand Perception Indicator Report identifies obvious and hidden problems and will show you how to:

  • Understand the key success factors within your market
  • Determine – creatively – how to gain and sustain the customer attracting factors
  • Implement all human, capital and time resources necessary to ensure success
  • Monitor the outcomes of your strategies as you integrate new perspectives to gain the competitive edge

The BPI Report isn’t like other “quizzes”. It shows you things about your business you don’t already know so you can take charge of your business and then implement improvements to your brand.

The questions cover what is happening inside a business and what the market thinks of the business in 10 major categories. There is a complex matrix behind the questions that makes it impossible to ‘fudge’ the answers and end up with an inaccurate result. This means the resulting report will identify the things you do well and those that you need to improve – the necessary first step to a more profitable and sustainable business. A Brand Perception Indicator specialist will help you interpret what the report means so you can put together an action plan.

Can you afford not to know the real state of your business? If you don’t know what is going on, you can’t plan ahead

For example: Imagine that some of the foundations of your home are failing and you decide to paint over the cracks that have appeared in the walls. It might look better for a while, but the problem is still there, getting worse every day until eventually something catastrophic happens. Your house falls down. The same is true for a business that has unidentified problems – eventually something catastrophic happens.

If You Don’t Do Anything Differently
Your Business Cannot Improve

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I Cannot Fix It If I Don’t Know It’s Broken

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