The Brand Perception Indicator Assessment is for you if:

You sell things or services and:

  • You always seem to be reacting to unexpected events,
  • You have too many unhappy customers,
  • You are nearly always busy at work, but you never seem to have money in your pocket, or worse,
  • You feel that you are working so that your staff can be paid.

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You sell business advice and:

  • Your clients don’t always tell you the whole truth in your first meeting;
  • Your clients don’t seem to know what’s up with their own business;
  • They don’t follow your advice, and then they blame you for the bad results;
  • You have too many “one off” clients; or
  • Your clients don’t understand how you are different from every other Coach on the planet.

If this describes you then you can discover the solution to these challenges by following this link:

If You Don’t Do Something Different Your Business Cannot Improve

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